Wind Damage

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Of the many types of damage caused by serious storms, wind damage is one of the most serious. This is largely because severe winds not only cause harm to the exterior of homes, but can lead to interior water damage as well. For this reason, it is critical for Oklahoma homeowners whose residences have been damaged by wind during a tornado or severe storm, to speak with an experienced restoration contractor who can help minimize the amount of permanent damage to the property.

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Types of Wind Damage

High winds can cause a wide range of damage to a residence and surrounding property, including:

  • Structural damage or access to a home blocked by uprooted trees;
  • Damaged roof shingles;
  • Damaged or destroyed downspouts or gutters;
  • Broken windows; and
  • Damaged siding.

This type of damage can leave the interior of a home open to the elements. For instance, a damaged roof can allow moisture to enter the home. While severe leaks may become immediately obvious to homeowners, more minor damage could go undetected for months. These situations are especially dangerous because moisture build-up in the walls, carpets, ceilings, and air duct system can quickly lead to the growth of dangerous molds and mildews, which can cause health problems for inhabitants.

Wind can also uproot trees, blow down power lines, and rip the roofs off of homes. In these cases, it is critical for homeowners to contact an experienced restoration contractor who can conduct an emergency board-up. This will help ensure that no excess water makes its way into the home, while also discouraging vandals from defacing the property or stealing valuable possessions.

Contractor Services

 When a home has been damaged by wind, our emergency services team responds quickly to make sure that the damage is minimized as much as possible. To this end, we carefully board-up the damaged property, clear the area of storm debris, and in some cases, fence off the property. We then inspect the premises in order to get a clear idea of the amount of damage sustained. If high levels of moisture are detected, we will immediately begin the process of extracting the water, after which we will restore any damaged artwork or furniture and make all necessary repairs and replacements.

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Strong winds can cause serious damage to a home and failing to address this type of problem immediately can lead to more severe issues down the road. For instance, a failure to fix a damaged roof could lead to excess water making its way into a residence, which in turn can lead to mold growth and structural damage. To avoid this type of expensive long-term damage, it is critical for homeowners whose property has been damaged in a windstorm to contact us online or by phone at 918-379-0390. We realize that storms can occur at any time and so make ourselves available to you on a 24/7 basis. Please call today or send us an online message containing your contact information and a brief description of your situation.