Water damage is more common and dangerous than most people realize. Anytime your home is exposed to an overabundance of water, you run the risk of having water damage. It can get under floors, inside walls and penetrate nearly every part of a structure.


Most people, when they think of water damage, think of flooding. That isn’t the only one way that water invades our homes and businesses. Excessive rain, broken pipes and improper drainage can also be a cause of water damage. If you find that your home has been damaged by water, you will need water mitigation.

Do You Have Water Damage?

What To Expect


Water mitigation is the process by which damage can be minimized. This can involve removing impacted surfaces such as drywall and wet, soaked furniture. It is the method by which further damage is halted and important work like drying out the area and preventing mold growth can begin.
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Emergency Water Extraction

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Salvage Items

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Restore & Repair

When you have experienced water damage, the next step in taking back control over the condition of your home is water mitigation. Let DASON Water Restoration take care of the water damage that has begun to destroy your home or business. The longer you wait, the more extensive and damaging the water can become.

Our team at DASON will use modern solutions for water mitigation. This can involve removing excess water and objects that are contributing to further damage like soaked carpets. We also have the techniques and expertise to salvage the materials that can be saved and restore what can be repaired.


Water mitigation services can look very different depending on the situation that you’re facing. DASON has a team of experienced professionals that can help you recover quickly from any water damage, no matter the size or scale of the challenge. 


Flooding and other extreme weather events can cause water damage by water pouring directly or migrating into the internal parts of a structure. Getting the water out or securing the property from weather elements as quickly as possible are essential to reducing costs and time to restoration of the structure.


Flooding as a result of weather or a broken pipe can create a lot of damage to property in a very short period of time. Kevin’s team, along with their knowledge and equipment, can provide the necessary resources to remove water safely and quickly.


DASON Water Restoration has the experience and equipment to properly prep and deep clean carpet that has water damage.


In addition to providing emergency cleanup services, we also provide construction services to either repair or replace damaged structures and restore your commercial or residential property like new.

Water damage can cause numerous problems

Water damage doesn’t just cause structural harm to a building, it can do far more. Not only is your home or business at risk when you have an event that causes water damage, but you and your family could have health risks as well. Water damage is associated with a wide variety of problems that will continue to manifest.

One of the big problems with water damage is that whenever moisture is trapped inside a home it encourages the growth of mold. This can ruin the quality of the air inside your home, and at worse can even lead to death or serious illness. Don’t risk exposure to dangerous or deadly mold that could hurt you, your family and your pets.

Water damage can also lead to rot. In many buildings there are materials that are not supposed to get wet. These range from the wood that many homes are built out of, to dry wall and other internal structures of a home or building. When water invades, it can begin the process of rotting these substances, which can lead to the destruction or total loss of a home or business.

Stop living in fear of water damage and the problems it can bring into your life. The best answer is swift, professional intervention. That is where Dason comes in. We can make sure that the problem is contained to as small an area as possible, so that you don’t have to worry about your home or your health.

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Why choose Dason Water Restoration for your water mitigation?

What should you do when you have water damage to your home or business? The answer is simple. Call a company you can trust. DASON has mitigation professionals who are experienced, trained, and certified to deal with the problem.

Whether it’s a water leak from a burst pipe or flood waters, DASON can handle it. We will extract water and then dry out and restore your residential or commercial property fast.

We are a Tulsa-based company that takes pride in delivering the best possible service. When you want results you can rely on and that will give you peace of mind, look no further than DASON Water Restoration. We’ll work hard to give you superior restoration results that will help get your home or business restored. Combining state-of-the-art drying equipment with our expert staff and devotion to customer satisfaction, you’ll be impressed by the efficiency and thoroughness of our work.

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Looking for a company that has professional technicians who can perform water damage restoration according to the best practices of the industry? Then DASON is here for you. We’ll take care of emergency water removal, cleanup, and repair of your water-damaged property.

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