Was Your Home Victimized by Crime or Vandalism? We Can Help

It is unfortunate when your home or business property is victimized by crime or an act of senseless vandalism. 

Your property likely sustained some sort of damage that needs to be taken care of, such as unwanted graffiti or broken or damaged windows or doors. The restoration professionals at Dason Fire & Water Restoration are ready and available to help you get your property back into the shape it was before the crime or vandalism. Let us know how we can help you.

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Cleaning up vandalism

Vandalism is a common minor offense committed often by young people when they deface a piece of property belonging to someone else. Vandalism can be a particularly big problem for a property owner, especially if the vandalism is offensive or embarrassing in nature. For instance, the entrance of your business might have been vandalized with spray painted words or graphic pictures or depictions that are highly offensive. This type of vandalism could be extremely bad for business since all of your customers must pass through the entrance of you store. It is obvious to us how important it is to you that this vandalism be removed.  

The removal of vandalism is sometimes an urgent matter. Perhaps you want to limit how many people might get to see the vandalism or you want to reopen your business as soon as possible.  If you have suffered vandalism that requires immediate attention and quick removal, you should consider contacting the professionals at Dason Fire & Water Restoration. We will immediately respond to your needs and quickly and efficiently remove the vandalism so that you can get your life back on track as soon as possible.

Making repairs after a crime

Property owners from time to time are victimized by acts of crime committed against their property. One particularly bad problem for property owners is when their home or business is victimized by a crime such as breaking and entering. The perpetrator of the crime has to break into the property for the purpose of committing a crime, such as theft. The perpetrator might pry open a door or break a window in order to gain access to your property.

Because the property is physically broken into during the commission of the crime, in the aftermath of a breaking and entering you are left with an insecure building. This is an unacceptable situation that requires immediate attention to fix. The professionals at Dason Fire & Water Restoration will quickly respond to your restoration needs, whether that involves repairing a broken window, or replacing a damaged door. We will assess your property damage and immediately get to work restoring your building so that it is secure once more.

At Dason Fire & Water Restoration we understand the challenges that homeowners and business owners face when they are victimized by crime or vandalism. There is a certain degree of urgency to your restoration needs that we acknowledge and care about. We will work quickly and efficiently to restore your property to its normal state so that you can get back to life as usual. We can be contacted either online or by calling 918-379-0390.