4 Reasons Why Smoke Damage Needs To Be Removed From Your Home

The month of February has proven to be a busy month for firefighters across the state of Oklahoma. 

There is little that is as devastating to personal property as fire and smoke damage. The emotional toll of a fire can be overwhelming, as can going through the aftermath of a fire. Some of your property may survive the fire, but may have suffered serious fire or smoke damage. If you want to have any hope of saving and restoring your smoke damaged property, it is important that you contact a professional fire and smoke restoration company as soon as possible after the smoke exposure event has occurred. Below are four important reasons why you need to act quickly to remove smoke damage from your home. 

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  1. Time is of the essence. Time is the enemy when it comes to saving restorable property after fire and smoke exposure. The longer you wait to begin restoration efforts after a fire, the more challenging the restoration effort will be because smoke will deeply permeate into surfaces and fibers the longer you wait. The deeper the smoke damage, the longer the restoration process will take, which translates to a higher cost for you to complete the restoration and removal effort.
  2. Toxic emissions from smoke and fire damaged property. In addition to soot residue being potentially problematic for your health, smoke damaged property slowly releases toxic gases and chemicals over time into the air. If smoke damage is allowed to remain in your home, you run the risk of inhaling these smoke damage emissions. This can be bad for your health and can cause illness and breathing problems. Not only that, but smoke damaged property carries smoky odors, which can be offensive, off-putting or distracting.
  3. Removal of smoke damaged property must be done in a specific way. One of the problems with smoke damage is that if it is improperly processed, you run the risk of making the damage worse than it already is, or you could potentially permanently damage your property, which is likely the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish. A professional restoration company will know exactly how to handle your smoke damaged property so that your property has the best chance of being saved.
  4. Smoke and ash residues will continue to damage your property. You might think that once the fire is gone that smoke damage does little more than look unsightly and smell smoky. However, smoke damage continues to destroy your property the longer you wait to initiate cleanup measures. Smoke and soot can cause corrosion, etching and discoloration of your property if not treated promptly. Do not delay in contacting a professional for your smoke damage restoration needs.

If your property has been damaged by smoke or fire, you should seriously consider hiring professionals to help with your restoration efforts. Smoke damage restoration is possible in most cases so long as action is taken immediately and the restoration efforts are thorough. Please do not hesitate to contact the smoke and fire damage restoration professionals at Dason Fire & Water Restoration. We can be contacted either online or by calling 918-379-0390.