When Do I Need an Emergency Board-Up?

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A homeowner whose property is seriously damaged by water, fire, or a storm should immediately consider contacting a restoration contractor who can perform an emergency board-up. Boarding up a residence or business after it sustains damage is one of the best methods of ensuring that the structure is not further damaged by water or vandalism. It can also help keep a homeowner’s belongings safe from theft until repairs are completed.

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Board-Up Procedures

An emergency board-up usually involves some or all of the following activities:

  • Closing and securing all openings;
  • Erecting barricades in front of the property;
  • Installing a security fence around the property;
  • Emergency debris removal;
  • Utilizing roof tarps;
  • Constructing temporary building enclosures;
  • Winterizing the property;
  • Performing emergency electrical work;
  • Installing a generator on a temporary basis; and
  • Providing a comprehensive assessment of the damage.

Certain areas of a home are especially vulnerable to break-ins or additional exposure to the elements and so must be boarded up immediately, including:

  • Doors;
  • Windows;
  • Roofs;
  • Garage doors; and
  • Skylights.

Boarding up these areas will ensure that rain, debris, dust, and pests are kept out of the interior of the home until repairs have been concluded. This is important because repairing damaged roofs and broken windows can take a significant amount of time and leave them in a damaged state until those repairs are completed can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in additional damage. For example, if a damaged roof is not tarped during inspection, assessment, and repair, water leaks could continue to damage a home’s internal structure, insulation, electrical system, ceilings, and walls. Even a few days worth of water damage can cause mold growth, which can be dangerous to a person’s health. Repairing this damage will require additional funds and may leave a homeowner without a place to live until the problems can be resolved.

Furthermore, while doors and windows can be locked, this does not guarantee that a home will not be vandalized or burgled. Those who must abandon their property temporarily as a result of fire, water, or storm damage may be forced to leave behind most of their valuables and possessions. Failing to secure all entrances could lead to the destruction of that property, some of which may be irreplaceable. Damaged properties are also vulnerable to vandalism at the hands of teenagers or squatters who could easily cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to a residence within a matter of hours.

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Emergency board-up services are critical to protecting a property against further damage from the elements or from other people, so if your home was recently damaged by fire, water, a storm, or a break-in, please contact us online or by calling us at 918-379-0390 and we’ll have a dedicated member of our team help you schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience. We realize that these types of disasters can happen at any time and so are available to address your questions and concerns on a 24/7 basis.