Mold Damage

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Mold growth is one of the most serious types of damage caused by flooding and can begin within 48 hours of a burst pipe or extreme weather event. Unlike some other forms of damage, mold growth can be harmful to those who are exposed to it. For instance, inhaling mold can cause asthma, infections, and allergic reactions. To ensure that your family does not suffer the effects of mold, it is critical to retain an experienced restoration service company who can ensure that all moisture is extracted from your home and that mold growth is prevented or eliminated.

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Water Extraction

Mold thrives on moisture, which makes it especially important for a water extraction crew to remove any water from a flooded structure as soon as possible. This requires the use of high-suction water extraction equipment to remove standing water from floors and carpets. Area rugs will also need to be removed and cleaned. Many materials are especially prone to developing mold if left wet for more than 24 hours, including:

  • Wood;
  • Upholstered furniture; and
  • Carpets.

While nonporous materials, such as plastic, metal, and glass are relatively easy to dry, more absorbent materials can trap mold and may need to be discarded.

Dehumidifying and Drying

It is also important to open closet doors and doors to interior rooms as well as drawers and cabinets to allow air flow into all areas of the building. Fans and dehumidifiers can hasten the process, although if mold has already begun to grow, using fans can actually spread the mold, so it is important to have a professional assess the level of mold growth prior to beginning the drying process.


Finally, all mold should be eradicated by cleaning the affected areas with water and a non-ammonia based soap or detergent and then drying it completely. Ceiling tiles or carpet that has become moldy may need to be thrown away as it is usually difficult to permanently remove mold from these types of absorbent or porous materials. It is also critical to avoid painting and caulking a moldy surface, as paint applied on top of mold is likely to peel. Some items may require service from a specialist. For instance, antique furniture and paintings may require special treatments to ensure that they do not lose their value.

The Consequences of Mold Damage

Failing to address flood damage immediately can lead to the accelerated spread of mold spores. Aside from leaving a musty and unattractive odor, mold also causes respiratory problems, fatigue, headaches, chronic coughs, and memory problems. Furthermore, the longer mold is left unaddressed, the harder and more expensive it is to remove.

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