4 Reasons To Replace Your Roof In The Fall

DASON Fire and Water Restoration does more than just restore your home or business from water, mold, or fire damage. We also help restore your peace of mind.

After about twenty years, roofs get old and need repair or replacement. If there are trouble signs, like hairline cracks on shingles or discolored spots on walls or ceilings, the water leak or other damage is going to get worse instead of better. Furthermore, there may be hidden damage, like mold growth, that is even more serious than the surface damage. Part of effective maintenance in this area is finding a good time to fit roof repair into your schedule, and autumn is a very good time for most people.

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Winter is coming

Forecasters predict a much colder and harsher winter than normal this year, and the winters in eastern Oklahoma are already rather cold and harsh, with frequent ice and snow storms. If your roof is already showing signs of age or weakness, such conditions can cause major problems that are expensive to fix. Cold weather often accelerates the aging process, and the spring storm season is no time to have an outdated roof.

“A stitch in time saves nine,” as the old saying goes. With regard to roofs, owners can basically either perform maintenance-type work in the fall or face major repairs in the winter and spring.

Good weather is good for contractors

November is typically the mildest month of the year, with cool temperatures and little disruptive weather. These conditions make November an ideal time to work outdoors. Mild temperatures mean that workers can be more productive and that it is not too cold to freeze asphalt shingles. It’s also easier to walk on the roof in these conditions, which means lower labor costs. Furthermore, since there is less disruptive weather, there are fewer days lost and the job gets done more quickly.

Once late November arrives, the weather becomes more unpredictable, and a sudden snow or ice storm may mean two or three days of inaction, at a minimum. During that time, leaks and other issues become major problems, escalating the cost of repair.

A more normal schedule

With school back in session, many families have a very steady routine, which makes it easier to schedule a few days for roof work. Moreover, since there may be no one home during the day, the work is much less disruptive.

That all changes in a few weeks, when family and friends come over for the holidays, everyday schedules are turned upside-down, and in short, it is a very bad time to have roof work done. Now is a good time to get roof work off the to-do list, so families can make holiday plans without worrying about when the roofers will be over or worrying about what will happen if the leak gets worse.

Peace of mind

It’s always a good time of year to feel more secure about the structural integrity of your house, and that is what we are really talking about here. Before work begins, a professional will thoroughly inspect the roof and offer an honest assessment about what work needs to be done right away, what can wait until later, and what is essentially cosmetic. Working together, contractor and customer then devise a solid plan of action.

Rely on experienced contractors

Instead of waiting for a better time and watching roof issues become serious problems, reach out to an experienced roofer by contacting us in Broken Arrow from DASON Fire & Water Restoration. We’ve been in the area for over twenty years.