Earthqhake Damage

Dason Fire and Water Restoration does more than just restore your home or business from water, mold, or fire damage. We also help restore your peace of mind.

In recent years, Oklahoma has experienced increasingly more earthquakes that ever before, and unlike tornados or hurricanes there is no warning for an earthquake. Even though earthquakes last only 10-30 seconds, it is more than enough time to do substantial damage to your residence or business.

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Reinforce Your Home

An earthquake puts a lot of stress on the structure of your home. Your home must absorb the earthquake’s energy and provide a stable path to transfer these forces back into the ground. Your home does this when the roof is attached tightly to the walls, the walls are fastened to each other, and when the walls are braced and anchored to a strong foundation.

It’s important you take action to protect your home and family against this highly unpredictable natural disaster. Disaster preparedness can help lessen earthquake damage. Here is a list of some home safety tips showing you how to prepare for an earthquake.

If the structural elements of your home need reinforcing, some of the most important and common retrofits include:

  • Adding anchor bolts or steel plates between your home and its foundation.
  • Bracing the inside of your home’s cripple wall (the short wood-stud wall between the top of the foundation wall and the first floor) with sheathing.
  • Bracing unreinforced chimneys, masonry and concrete walls and foundations.

Roofing and Siding Repair

It is important to take the proper precautions to safeguard your house and family against earthquakes. If your home does sustain damage from a quake, DASON Fire & Water Restoration provides professional roofing and siding repair services utilizing code compliant materials and experienced installers.

Complete Restoration Repair

In addition to providing cleanup services, we also provide construction services to either repair or replace damaged structures and restore your commercial or residential property like new. Don’t let an earthquake hurt you, your family, or your home.

DASON Fire & Water Restoration, Inc. is available 24/7 to respond to any property damage emergency. Call us today at 918-379-0390, or contact us online for more information.