How To Recover After A Water Damage Event

A water damage event is no small matter. Flooding, rain or other water damage can be very disruptive to your property and how you use your property. Whether the water damage occurred to your primary residence, business or second home, the problem is often extremely inconvenient.

If the damage occurred to your home, it could mean displacing you and your family until you can get the damage restored. If the damage occurred to a business you own, it could mean time when your business has to be closed for repairs.

When you realize that your property has sustained water damage that will require professional restoration, you need to take steps to ensure that your water damage problem is handled immediately. The restoration professionals at DASON Water Restoration can help you with any water damage problem you might be facing.

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Steps for recovering after a water damage event

As soon as you notice you have water damage, there are a few things you need to do. For starters, assess the damage and see if you can identify the cause of the water damage. If there is something that you need to do to stop the problem from getting worse, you should do that. For instance, if you are experiencing a flooding issue because of a damaged pipe, turn off the water to that pipe if possible.

Next, you need to call a water damage restoration professional. Consider professionals who are experienced, well-regarded and dedicated to getting you water damage problem taken care of quickly. When choosing a water damage restoration company, look for a company that:

  • Has a reputation for keeping clients informed about the status of their reconstruction efforts.
  • Has extensive experience handling the type of water damage issue you have.
  • Has friendly and knowledgeable staff.
  • Has experience with the insurance claim process.

DASON Water Restoration has helped numerous clients cope with a water damage event, and has helped our clients get their property restored in a quick and efficient manner. We would be more than happy to put our experience to work for you.

After choosing a water damage restoration company, if it is safe to do so, you should clear the area where the water damage has occurred so that the restoration professionals will be able to begin work as soon as possible. This will give you an opportunity to assess the damage more carefully for yourself in preparation for filing an insurance claim.

Filing an insurance claim can be tricky, especially if you are unfamiliar with the claims process, or in your insurance company is being uncooperative. At DASON Water Restoration, we consider it part of our job to help you with the insurance claim process.

Finally, it is important that you remain patient throughout the restoration process. Removal of damage and reconstruction can take some time depending on the extent of the water damage you have suffered. Similarly, working with insurance companies can sometimes take a while as well.

If your property has endured a water damage event, you should consider contacting the water damage restoration professionals at DASON Water Restoration. Contact us online or by calling 918-379-0390.